Helping tourists watch
the Euro 2016

Casefilm MatchMaker

Most Norwegians would have access to watching the 2016 European football championship. However, there would also be thousands of tourists hiking all over the country, without any TV access at all, since football pubs are scarce in Norway's great outdoors. So we created an online service that would allow tourists to watch their national football team's matches in the championship, in the comfort of a genuine Norwegian home.

Recruiting Norwegian hosts

We recruited people from RiksTV’s subscriber base, directly, through social media and webTV, to sign up as match day hosts. They posted a profile via the Match Maker site with their location, photos of their home and which matches you could watch at their house. It didn’t take long before we had hosts all over Norway.


We then promoted the Match Maker service to foreigners on their way to Norway and who were already there, using targeted promo films in their own language via Facebook, YouTube, webTV and on incoming Norwegian Air flights. With the Match Maker site the tourists could find a nearby location where they could watch their team’s matches, and hook up with the host.

These movies were produced in English, Spanish, German and French.

Spanish Promotion

John The Tourist - French

German promotion

Episode 1 - England vs. Russia

Episode 2 - France vs. Germany

Episode 3 - Germany vs. Italy

Post match documentary

During the championship we joined some of the tourists and their Norwegian hosts as they watched together. These meetings became short documentaries with highlights that were released the morning after the matches.

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